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anybody out there??
what yis all so quiet about???   banaboat due or something???   its number 3 shed for you if ya aint a blue.   tell me about it.?
billy gardner - 25/01/2015

gotta be somebody still breathing out there who remembers me????i know quite a few have gone for their rewards in the bigggg dock in the skies, but if i"m still here, surely theres others?????   one-nine-fer-a-copy.
billy gardner - 24/01/2015

walking dead
hi you owd dockers, are yis still in the land of the living yet??lets hear from yis if ya are. left the dock way back in way back???is roland flyn/ joe kellet/jaunty steeles lads still on this earth???give us a bell, we could chew the fat, i am still in touch with joe winders. going back to my BUSH MILLS now, give us a holler iffn ya still breathing.
billy gardner - 24/01/2015

preston dock diver in the 1960s
hello, does anyone have any information on any of the preston dock divers, in particular mr john taylor who is the diver in the excelant jack riding film lock gate mishap, its on u tube well worth a watch.i would like to know more about mr taylor and his tenders, also i notice in this forum, a mr geoff leech who did some commercial diving in preston docks, so sir if you happen to read this, i would love to hear from you,many thanks.....andy
andy - 23/11/2014

Hi   Is it possible to get on to the canals from Preston docks?     Regards     Mehmet    
mehmet - 13/11/2014

Hi, I'm hoping you can help me get in contact with my dad. Used to have a boat moored with you called Sally II. His name is Keith Wesley Ellis. We lost touch and I am desperate to get incocontact. Any help you can give would be gratefully received. Thanks.   Wayne Ellis.
Wayne Ellis - 23/05/2014

Hi i was wondering if you allowed people upon your boats? And what the charge was.
Fatima - 16/03/2014

I am looking to take some fashion photographs with old trains as a backdrop. Do you have trains/carriages outside and how much would you charge. Thank you Phil
Phil - 27/02/2014

Hi,     could you advise if there is anywhere to hire a boat at the docks for a day trip?     thanks     Louise
louise - 10/02/2014

To whom it may concern,     I am a director for Easthams & Co Residential Lettings we have a corporate client who requires 8 fully furnished apartments on the docks in January/February I just wanted to know if its possible to advertise on your site as we are looking for landlords with properties that will be available then?     Kind Regards     Matt
Matt Eastham - 23/12/2013

new years eve
Does anyone know whether the fireworks will be on at the docks this year
Louise Ross - 22/12/2013

Are you doing anything for bonfire night? X
Hayley Hardman - 03/11/2013

Will you be having fireworks for bonfire night
Joanne Green - 28/10/2013

I'm looking for a good day out, what is there to do at the docks? Also how would you get to there by walking from penwortham - near pear tree pub. thanks
Louise Handley - 29/09/2013

I am looking for 1 - 2 bedroom apartment on Preston Docks with water view for my parents to rent. They are both retired and have never defaulted on their rent. The max rent they can afford per month is £450.00. Thank you
Mrs Heather Morris - [posted 01/09/2013]

Is anybody on the forum aware of what the saying "P Grant" means in relation to the dockers at work on Preston Dock.
francis masson - 27/08/2013

Any information on what's on for the festival this weekend? All I have seen is the story in the LEP saying their will be fireworks other information
Kirsty - 15/07/2013

Re: BTF "Ferry Load"
Your readers will find further specifics on these ships and their operator, the Atlantic Steam Navigation Company, and the other Preston ships in their fleet, on the site 'The Ships List'.

BTF "Ferry Load"
Visitors to your site may be interested in the 1950's British Transport Film's "Ferry Load" available on YouTube.

The film begins with the first Road Haulage Vehicle Ferry ('Roll on Roll Off'), the M.V "Bardic Ferry", on the Tilbury - Antwerp route, but a photo of her in Preston Docks already appears on your site. A postscript to Part 2, dated 1961, mentions her now serving from here.

From about 7:30 mins, the film deals with the introduction of the Preston - Larne service pioneered by a converted ex-Admiralty Landing Ship Tank (L.S.T) the "Empire Cedric", on or just after 19 May 1948.

Kind Regards,

I am looking to borrow some ones apartment for a photoshoot this month. in the future this could lead to paid sessions or if your in need of photo's to advertise your apartment i can do them aswell. Thanks Jonathan
Jonathan Ellison - 12/06/2013

I live in Australia and am an ex pat from the Preston area.I have a book that may interest you called "A History of The Ribble Navigation" I know it was a limited edition at the time of publish and printing by Gaurdian Press in 1938.As a historical document it is for sale and wonder if you would be interested.   I used to do some commercial Diving works on the dock in the 60s/70s.   Now live in the bush in NSW. Australia.and would hate to think it would go into landfill when I depart this world.
Geoff Leech - 06/06/2013

Hi I was just wondering whether you do boat rides? And if so what are the options, would i need to book it in advance, cost etc?
sanjida - 25/03/2013

Waterfront Pub
Let's face it. This place has been shut for about 18 months ago and would take a HUGE investment to get it up and running again.

The place looks like a sorry state and in it's prime was only a Sunday carvery and a place where some people called in for "one" on the way home along with a "few" for some people who watched Sky Sports, which most people have now or something similar, so it's cheaper to watch football, rugby or whatever at home along with a few cans bought in from Morrison's or wherever, considering this economic climate. Also the Ribble Pilot had some considerable investment during the time the Waterfront was closed owing to a fire, so it capitalised as a decent looking place and got rid of Sky along with the sport watchers who tended to put off families owing to rowdy behaviour during sporting events along with their few pints.

In my opinion it wouldn't even be any good as an Indian either. It's out on a limb and away from town and just look at the state of Preston's night life anyway with restaurants and pubs shut down all over the place. People just don't have the spare funds anymore to afford eating out when the likes of Marks and Spencer's and other establishments offering dine in for two at £10 during some promotions.

Also the stink from the docks during a hot summer ( when we do get one ) is pretty well intolerable when there is an East wind pushing the stench to THAT end of the Marina.

Not much point in demolishing it and building offices as there are plenty to rent down there at the moment, but one viable aspect is as there is no further land available for housing or flats on the docks and considering there is a reasonable area of car parking at the Waterfront, there is potential for a housing and/or flat development there ? There is a sufficient amount of supply of local business to support a development along with 5 buses an hour into Preston and return along with a close connection to the railway station. I doubt whether a development would put ANY strain on local transport or the road system. Makes you think when a lot of green belt is destined to be housing development anyway? It's a nice place to live on Preston Marina and as far as the Council is concerned, would probably yield more tax.

It's a pity that some group like Pesto has decided NOT to proceed, but let's face up to it, the old Waterfront Pub is NOT Deansgate in Manchester or Liverpool 1 either.....     Time to consider this eyesore's future and the owners demanding a rather HIGH lease on the place....  

The restaurant trade in Preston is only Thursday to Saturday anyway. Sure there would be a pretty well good reception initially for a PESTO or similar, but the newness would soon wear off and the Winter trade wouldn't help either. Considering the recent Summer weather also, that would surely keep people indoors
David Graham - 29/11/2012

Pesto at The Waterfront.
Dear All,

I just wanted to say thank you to those that took the time a trouble to reply to my request for opinions on The Waterfront and the possibility of Pesto moving in.

Sadly I am unable to offer any good news to those of you that said you would look forward to us opening there. Enterprise Inn own the long Leasehold of the premises and unfortunately they are not prepared to off any financial incentive to Pesto which would enable us to convert the premises into a new Pesto restaurant.

It is a real shame because judging by the very supportive comments I have received I think it would have done very well and would have offered the local community something new, fresh and different.

A couple of people kindly warned me that the pub had had trouble with gangs etc in the past and even a protection racket. Thanks for the warning, though I have to say that is not the reason why we are not proceeding, it is simply a matter that Enterprise want to let the pub, but do not have the funds to contribute to the capital cost of converting it, even though they would have got it back in rent several times over.

So I hope for all the local residents that something good happens at the Waterfront and soon!

Pesto Restaurants  
Neil - 27/07/2012

Riversway Festival 2012
I moved to the docks in october 2010 from Manchester and I have never looked back. The Docklands has got to be the jewel in Prestons crown. My first Riversway festival was 2011 and I loved almost every minute of it. I say almost because it was the Rain that dampened it, The 2012 festival was awsome and I must commend the organisers and performers on a great weekend. My hat must come off though to clean up staff who kept the site clean and tidy all weekend. When I cam home from work on monday evening and performed my daily "BBV" ritual (Balcony, Brew, View)I was amazed at how clean and tidy the green was. I overlook the crane and have a fantastic view and its a pleasure to live there. It would be nice if The waterfront re-opened, I think it would attract more people at the weekend and it would be easy for us Dockland folk to stagger back from. Love Preston and the docks. The best move Iv ever made. Gaz.
Gaz - 25/07/2012

We would definitely welcome the arrival of Pesto at the Docks, having visited the Deansgate, Manchester branch. I am certain it would prove very popular.
Helen - 20/07/2012

Having just moved to the docks we would love to be able to eat at a great Italian restaurant nearby. Please, please take it over - it would be fab to wander across in the evening. There are also plenty of businesses down there that could surely use a good eatery for lunches and not a lot of competition.
Beryl - 03/07/2012

Neil from Pesto, bring it on, there is a huge number of people who live around the docks and to have a good eating place would be well worth your investment. I am sure you will need more more than the odd post to open up, why not at the weekend and spend time here meeting people and ask them the question, in addition during the week day the area is full of people working in near by offices for lunch specials.
David H - 13/06/2012

re Pesto Restaurant on Docks
Hear Hear for a new eatery on the the docks! Hope its cheap and cheerful....and cheap drinks! Oh and no wannabe gangsters and drug dealers hanging around wasnt a pretty site!
helen wycombe - 08/06/2012

PESTO would be a very welcome addition to the docks .... lots of people having being saying for years we needed a good bistro type restuarant down here on the docks, sooner the better!!
Janet - 07/06/2012

Pesto Restaurant
I have seen a couple of references here to The Waterfront Pub at Preston Docks which closed 18 months ago.     We (Pesto Restaurants) are having discussions about taking the site over and converting it to one of our Pesto Restaurants, our website can be seen here:     Obviously that end of the dock is very sad, quiet and run down I just wondered what your thoughts might be on bringing Pesto to this location.     For us it does look rather risky, but like some of you who have commented on this forum, I believe we could really bring this end of the Dock back to life, but we would need some help and the support of the local community.     If we don't take the site, it looks destined to be an Indian restaurant.     Your thoughts on the idea would be most welcome.
Neil - 01/06/2012

The pub's lease is up for grabs if anyone wants it at £45k a year. Chuck in the rates of about L20k and you are L65k down before the first pint is pulled     I think it's dead in the water now having been shut for so long and doesn't look like the interior has been kitted out either     Don't forget, Morrisons is only a hop, skip and a jump away selling cheap beer
David Graham - 17/05/2012

Can you please tell me where I can find navigational information details for the River Ribble, particularly regarding its entrance from the sea? I fear my latest Imray pilot book, dated 2009, may no longer be current.     Thanks in advance.     Rod
Rod Collins - 23/03/2012

Waterfront pub
Bill - 03/01/2012

Preston Shipping
Ships in Focus have just published Ships in Focus Record 50 (£7.50 plus £1.50 post and packing)which includes an article, with photographs, of Preston Shipping mainly in the 1960's and 1970's. It is available from Ships in Focus, 18 Franklands, Longton, Preston, PR4 5PD or call 01772 612855
John Clarkson - 02/01/2012

New years eve
Hi does anybody know if there is a firework display at the docks tonight?
Stephanie - 31/12/2011

new year
are there fireworks on the docks tonight for new year does anyone know?   thanks
chris - 31/12/2011

Is there a fireworks display being held on the docks tonight?
Zoe - 05/11/2011

Looking for a Garage to rent
Hello,     I have recently moved to a flat on Mountbatton Close and was wondering if anybody new if there was any garages to rent in the area, ideally on of the ones on the complex. I'm just looking for somewhere to store some windsurfing kit and a couple of bikes. If you know how I would go about getting one that would be great.   Thanks
James Lawton - 25/09/2011

Ref to the submarine in preston docks in the 60's it was HMS Alcide, and i went below deck to have a look round. Very cramped for room. anyone into boats or shipping please visit Chatham Dock. you wont be dissapointed, ive been twice
Brian Woodruffe - 19/09/2011

Hi, we moved onto preston docklands this year and we were wondering if there is anything on for bonfire night, eg. firework display over the docks etc.     thanks in advance   Hayley
Hayley - 18/09/2011

preston docks remembered
I remember using preston docks in the early 70s as a truck driver taking the ferry to belfast during the troubled times over there, this was a once a week run for me and one which I enjoyed as on the way back more often than not the ship had to anchor up outside the mouth of the river Ribble waiting for the tide when most drivers could enjoy a bit of fishing .
gerald calvert - 26/08/2011

Today I went for a walk with my sister and her husband who is terminally ill and wheelchair bound. We found the walk around the Marina very difficult with the wheelchair. Parts of the Marina walkway are very smooth and then there are lots of small type cobble stones, which make it very uncomfortable for the person sitting in the wheelchair, as it is becomes very bumpy. Also, it was difficult crossing the road as not all the road crossings have lights on to halt the traffic, which means you have to wait for some kind motorist to let you cross. When this Marina walkway was designed, were wheelchair users considered? Wheelchairs are much more difficult to push than prams as the wheels tend to be bigger.
Veronica Wilding - 17/08/2011

My Grandparents
A little bit of family history… My grandmother Catherine (Kate) Smith was born (1874) and bred at The Ship Inn in Watery Lane, her parents were the publicans.   Catherine married a local farmer by the name of Harry Bradley around 1903 who sadly died soon after. On Jan 3rd 1908 she married my grandfather Alexander McLeod at St Annes church. Grandad worked on the docks and was a trade unionist, branch secretary of the transport and general workers union. My mum lived as a child above the union building (111 Derby Rd Bootle.) Grandad, later become a J.P. and local councilor. In the 1920′s My Grandad held a carnival to raise funds to buy the first "Dockers Ambulance" (this ambulance had a Brass Plaque with my Grandads name engraved.) A parade was held and it was a very proud moment for my mum. My grandparents died before I was born (mid 1940′s) but my mum wrote about her mum and dad in her memoirs.   Regards.   Imelda St! yles nee O'Reilly (formally of Widnes immigrated to Australia in 1964 at age 7.)  
Imelda Styles - 29/07/2011

HI!   Can you please tell me if the festival is free entry or is there a charge for entry? Also i'm interested in coming to see the entertainment with Ken Nicol & the Houghton Weavers, will i need to book for this & what time will it start? I'd appreciate it if you could let me now asap so i can organise things.   Thank you Paula
Paula Stephenson - 05/07/2011

Do you have any up and coming events called Beats, Treats etc? when is it ?     Thank you
Joanne Donoghue - 01/07/2011

Hello there,   Along with some friends, I am doing a charity canoe trip with the help of Wigan Canoe Club this June and we are intending, over two days, to go from Wigan to Preston. We will be coming down the River Dougals and onto the Ribble into Preston. We would like to finish as near to Preston as possible. Would you, or any one else, be able to give us some knowledge about any safe places to get out and which, of course, we can get the boat trailer near too? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you again.   Regards.   Chris Perry  
chris perry - 31/05/2011

Citrus Club
New social networking club for professional people in Preston.  We organise regular sports and social activities including badminton, tennis, squash, pub quizzes etc.  Please see our web-site for more information.
Jon Neal - 07/02/2011

Hi     visited the docks yesterday 3/1/11 and was concerned to see a lot of dead seagulls on the ice, any idea why?
janet - 04/01/2011

Waterfront pub
Hey locals     Im looking to get some feedback on the previous running of the Waterfront and why it didnt seem to do that well??   I am looking potentially to revamp this place to give you guys a wonderful local with some style, any feedback to my email would be great.....lets see if we can get this place on its feet again!
Jay - 20/11/2010

Victoria Mansions cost
We're looking to rent a 2 bed flat in the East wing of the Mansions. Does anyone have an idea of electric costs per month roughly as we believe its all electric? And is the econony 7 thing a pain?     Any other things to be aware of living here?     Cheers soon to be neighbours :)
Rob - 22/10/2010

M.V. River Carrier
Hello. Please find attached 2 images that I took today (08-09-2010) of the M.V. River Carrier, at Preston. Best Wishes.
Paul R Sephton - 08/09/2010

Sheila Beaver
Les Kenny if you can see this, i noticed your post from 2 years ago, and sheila beaver is my nanna, she still lives in preston. x
Natasha Beaver - 01/09/2010

Looking for work
Hi   I am an ex able seaman/captain looking for any kind of work from maintenance, mooring to cleaning of boats/yachts etc, I have many years experience as i worked on freight/gullet ships in Turkey, I am hardworking and reliable please contact me if you are looking for a valued employee.... Thanks barbaros
Barbaros - 22/08/2010

24th july 2010, can anyone tell me what time the fireworks are on to night please? as i asked four people today and they all said diff times? i dont no why they dont advertise it better???.
annette - 24/07/2010

hi, i wonder could you help me,in 1974-75,i was a lorry driver moving greenheart logs from the dks to david roberts at kirkby. the longest log ever brought into the docks was 93ft i can recall police escort and being stopped at the dk gates while photos were taken from the top of the dk building on the main road i was told they would send me a copy but never turned up,could you please tell me were i might be able to look for such photo. thanks for your help.harry
harry webster - 08/05/2010

Steam train
Does the steam train bring you back to the preston docks.   Thanks.
Lorraine Beckett - 17/04/2010

old photo
Here is a very old photo of my grandfather and his workmates on Preston Dock. He is 2nd from the left. I do not know the date when it was taken, but it must have been around about 1920, I would guess.     My grandfather was John Harrison, born 1897 who lived in Wellington Road, Preston and who worked for 50 years & 4 months on Preston Dock, retiring in 1962 as Foreman in the Works Superintendent's Dept.
Lorna Ivory - 20/03/2010

Victoria Mansions
Hello, Just some free advice for people looking to move into the Docklands area. I would be cautious of Victoria Mansion, especially the West Wing. The people there are not very pleasant and seem to go out of their way to be rude to you. Some of the committee members seem to think they own the area.
Mathers - Sat 27 Feb 2010 1:45 pm

Mini subs in Preston Docks
I have a photo of 3 mini subs in Preston Dock (S183, S184 and ?. Can anybody give me any info as to when they were there please. Roy
Roy Winfield - 27/02/2010

dear David.   What you need is the enquiry section of the world ship society (WSS)they are the foremost ship experts in the world. I have heard of the MISr and thought she was a moslem carrier to mecca.   Ships built at preston, is a difficult subject re lack of records. Some ships were built at preston and finished in lytham or vice versa,whereas ships scrapped at preston is well documented   Terry 01772 632125.   PS the shipyards were in the vicinity of penwortham bridge.
terry - 22/02/2010

I wonder if you can give me any clues as to how to trace ships built in Preston in 1918     The Boat in question is now working on the River Nile but I understand it was built in preston as a troup carrier or for the Egyptian Navy. Her present name is Misr
David Pomfret - 20/02/2010

oops sorry terry re last message tel nos 01772 632125
- 13/02/2010

port publication
would any kind soul out there have a copy of "THE LAST TIDE" History of the port of preston by Jack Dacres.   I would be willing to purchase my own copy now tatty and dogeared. ta
terry - 13/02/2010

I am a 2nd year student at the University of Central Lancashire, studying Environmental Management, my name is Pamela Shankland and I am currently doing research for my dissertation. The subject matter is the attitudes of local people in regards to the development plans for floating homes on the docks and River Ribble, and the affects that a development of this kind would have not only on the biodiversity of wildlife in this area, but the economic pros and cons of such a development is an important factor in this matter. I have read around the subject area and understand that the idea of the floating homes if one of sustainable development which is something close to my heart. I would be very grateful if someone would consider meeting me in the future to discuss this matter further. I feel that it is important to source information directly from those who matter and not take information from the press. Kind r! egards Pamela shankland
Pamela Shankland - 17/01/2010

Hi There,     I'm just wondering if you can tell me if there's any fireworks happening on new years eve and if so what time?     Thanks.
Heather Rowcroft - 27/12/2009

cool yule
have a happy and cool yule prestonians.   may the new year be the best yet.
billy - 21/12/2009

Dear Adrian Burton ... I was just curious as to why you checked the webcam every day .... are you somewhere far away also and missing home ? I am in Washington DC, but my heart is back in England! Also, did you find another webcam yet?
Nicola Wiliams - 17/11/2009

Hi, We have recently moved onto the Docks and were wondering if there is anything that goes on at New Year? We thought perhaps there maybe fireworks or something like we had in the summer at the festival? Thanks, Gemma
Gemma Pond - 15/11/2009

today i was stunned to see two pulp boats being discharged???its cataracts....or maybe ive stepped into a time lock????
billy - 28/10/2009

i could have sworn i saw a clay boat being dishcharge down at the docks yesterday??? must get these cataracts checked out.
billy - 27/10/2009

web cam
web cam at ribble cruising club gives view over ribble estuary at lytham and excellent weather reports.
- 28/09/2009

I used to work there it should be open now. It wasent open because the old manager was trying to sell it but the deal fell through and the brewery stoped supplying him with alochol but everything is sorted now and it has re opened.
Jack - 23/09/2009

waterfront pub
why is the pub not open its NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam thirsty
lucy - 17/09/2009

The Waterfront pub
It looks like the waterfront is now open again!
Paul - 14/09/2009

Does anyone know what is going to happen to the Waterfront pub? It hasnt been open for weeks!
Paul - 07/09/2009

the solution to algae in the docks is opening the lock gates a bit more
terry - 04/09/2009

Dock Police
Family folklore has my Grandfather Charles Hutchinson working as a Dock Policeman in Preston from after 1918 to his retirement in the 50's. Under whose juristiction were the Dock Police? Can anyone point me in the right direction for research?   Martin
Martin Braithwaite - 25/08/2009

Mr Dunne
Dear Clare, if yr grandfather was employed on a british ship, his records will be kept at The registrar of shipping and Seamen, Cardiff. They keep all the records (even the 1800s) of vessels sailed on, qualifications etc. A seperate organisation will keep passenger lists I think. Best of luck Terry 01772 632125 (another old sailor)
terry - 13/08/2009

Gt Grandad Dunne
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me find info of my Gt Grandad William J Dunne. Apparently he died at sea 1911-1916. I;m not sure what he was actually doing on a boat other than trying to make ends meet. Befor this he was working as a tailor. There doesnt appear to be any death records anywhere. He left a family of six children and Elizabeth his wife. I'm looking forward very much for any help or direction on this and would be very grateful. Many thanks in anticipation.
Clare Dunne - 11/08/2009

best way to find out is to try.people do catch all types of course fish along with eels@flatfish course tackle near big crane try plenty groundbait.
thomas - 07/08/2009

Fishing (Dock area)
I know you can fish on the end of the bullnose into the river but i never see anyone fishing in the dock area.i know there are fish in there,as iv seen them on the surface.Does anyone one know why this is or have you seen anyone fishing ever in the dock basin? surely the algea wont put anglers off! iv seen a small article that there are a few species in there, sea and fresh water fish. Info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Paul - 06/08/2009

Waterfront Pub
About time this place had some money chucked at it as it's looking definately shabby now, but I guess with the general decline in the pub trade and The Waterfront's location out on a limb it may be curtains in the not too distant future. It has certainly done nothing to attract the local residents.... Any other views on this subject ?
David Graham - 29/07/2009

Just wanted to let you know that your webcam for the Preston Docks is frozen. It hasn't changed since the 19th of July.
Victoria Bailey - 27/07/2009

No more webcam
No more webcam? That's a real loss. I checked it every day. Thanks for all the time it was available. Will there be a new webcam somewhere else?
Adrian Burton - 22/07/2009

hi i have a model yacht rc controlled.   i beleave that some sundays peaple can sail model craft on the lock is this correct or is thear a club that i can join,   and whote would the cost be thanks.   mr fitton
mr sandy fitton - 16/07/2009

Preston Dock
I am an ex pat Pom now living in Australia. As a boy/youth I enjoyed many happy hours riding around the dock and up to the "bullsnose" Left Preston in 1963 and would love to get hold any photos of the docks. Thanks. Roy
Roy Winfield - 26/06/2009

As a resident of the Docks I notice that the algae blooms are particularly evident at present (and the smell!). Any sign of any initiatives to address the standing water in the inner basin (some form of circular irrigation?) or even to spray chemicals to disperse the algae? Regards Michael Carroll
M R Carroll - 23/06/2009

No 3 shed.
any x docker reading number 3 shed, will have nightmares. it was the dreaded place to be sent. ya never knew when you were going to get outa there.seing as the dock labour force was made up of "us and them" the rest were scattered.No 3 shed was the pits.
billy - 15/06/2009

victoria mansions
Dear Adrian. have you thought of asking a neighbour. Hope you got yr problem sorted. As a bit of interest Victoria mansions was built in 1904 at a cost of just over £20,000! Its name then was the less glamourous Number 3 shed! The bricks came from Thomas crofts quarry the site of which is now deepdale retail park.
terry - 12/06/2009

I was just wondering if jet-skis are allowed on the docks? thank you
james - 29/05/2009

Victoria Mansions Entry System
Hi - I've recently moved into the central block of Victoria Mansions. I understand that the entry system now works by calling your phone rather than the one in the flats. Does anyone know how to set this up? I guess you have to call a central number and register your phone with the flat. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks.
Adrian - 26/05/2009

I visited the docks today-25th May and was very disheartened to see all the rubbish in the dockwater especially at the cinema end. The water never seems clear from litter which suggests an absence of a regular programme of clearing up. It doesn't help that all the litter bins were overflowing.
Jane Patel - 25/05/2009

distance round dock
michelle 11.3.09 1.3 miles round main dock water area 40 acres.
a jay - 04/05/2009

Hi, well i am doing a project on the Preston Docklands re-development. I have some questions (interview) about the Docklands. I was wondering if i would be able to film you on camera for this interview for my Project. If this is possible, please could i book a appointment to interview you sometimes next week.   Thank you   Uzair Lhari
Uzair Lhari - 01/05/2009

The place looks absolutely tops. In Summer the Sun behind the Marina looks Beautiful and i would say that the Docklands is defiantly a Preston tourist attraction.     L3HR1
Uzair lhari - 23/04/2009

Dear sir/Madam     I am a student at Preston College. I am doing a report on the Docklands re-development and was wondering if it's possible to give a short interview to one of the staff at Preston Docklands.     Please contact me on Mobile No: 07517411924 or E-mail me     Thank you   You're sincerely     Uzair Lhari  
Uzair lhari - 23/04/2009

congrats terry.   sad to walk around the dock today, to be met with silence. i recall the hustle and bustle of the dock, and all its characters that worked down there. alas, nowts fer ever as the saying goes.
billy g - 06/04/2009

what the docks mean to me
I 1st whent on the docks in 1952 aged 2 with my father who worked at Wards shipbreakers.From then on I had a fascination with ships (and still have).All my free time was spent on the river/docks or marshes. My dad tried to cure me at 15 when he got me trips on the "River Fisher" and "Eden fisher" to Larne and Dublin.It failed! I went to sea as a cadet in 1966 and retired as captain in 1996
terry - 04/04/2009

swing bridge
How long is the bridge work expected to last.
k delaney - 22/03/2009

Yes, I too enjoy the webcam views every morning when I turn on my computer here in Washington DC USA - its saved as my home page! My parents house is just across from the camera, up on Powis Road so its great to see what kind of weather they're having there! Many thanks.
Nicola Williams - 12/03/2009

I was wondering if anyone knows how far it is around the docks in KM/Miles?
Michelle - 11/03/2009

I'm looking for an artical about a rescue from the docks in 1925. The man was Arther Flynn then about 15yrs old he pulled as man to safety in the november (we think)of 1925. He was presented with a gold watch to thank him
Candy Hopkins - 25/02/2009

hi munchin my hamburger on the dock today can any1 tell me what the big black seabirds like a cormorant are? they sit on the rock bits and have noticed an amazin dive for fish
clairey - 24/02/2009

Thanks for giving us the Riversway webcam. I use it every day from here in Madrid just to see what's happening. I hope you can put some more webcams up some time! The quality of the Riversway cam is excellent. Kindest, Adrian
adrian burton - 03/02/2009

GMDSS VHF Radio course
Hi Folks     Just to let you know that I will be running a VHF Radio course that includes Digital Selective Calling (DSC)     Next Course: Saturday 28th March 2009 -Venue Preston Marina Navigation Way Riverside Docklands Preston PR2 2YP     Please call me on 07704 143747 or email me for further infomation,     regards   Paul Harrison   seavoice Training      
Seavoice Training - 01/02/2009

dont know about you guys, but ive just broken the last of my new year resolutions...oh my, roll on next year.
billy7 - 12/01/2009

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