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High Bank Hotel, Preston
I am currently researching what used to be the old High Bank Hotel overlooking Preston Docks on Tulketh Crescent. If anyone has any old photos of the hotel I would be very gratful if you could send me a copy.
Simon Potter - 14/12/2007

Sheila beaver
Hi Doe's anybody know a miss Sheila Beaver who used to frequent the Steamer public hse in 1965 ? I believe Miss S Beaver married a Dutch Sailor so would have a dutch surname now !!!
Les Kenny - 14/12/2007

Preston Docks nationalised?
I have some 1950s photos of Preston Docks which had a British Road Services depot, to be usd in an article in ROADSCENE magazine. I have yet to establish whether the Docks were nationalised, either as a former port or because of the waterways connection. Anyone know please?
David Hayward - 23/11/2007

Old Docks House, Preston
Does anyone know what the Old Docks House Building (the one with the clock tower on the entrance to the docks) was prior to 1936 (which is when it was built) If anyone know or can tell me where to find out I would be very grateful Hope to hear from you soon
Jane Lowe - 05/11/2007

Preston docks
I miss the place, no really, I do..... ...I miss Babu's, and the Ship pub and I miss the sucurity.. Docks is a great place to live. xx
Anoldresident.. - 19/10/2007

Harrisons, 192 Strand Road
Tricia,   Hello! Yes the Harrison`s you have mentioned all figure in my husband`s family tree. James Robert Harrison and his wife Margaret Ellen Harrison lived at 192 Strand Road, Preston in the early 1900`s.   One of the cousins you mentioned was my husband`s grandfather John Harrison. Thomas was his brother and Agnes and Nancy were his sisters.   I have a lot of info about them including Nathaniel.   A Nathaniel Harrison did live with them at some point in the early 1900`s. This Nathaniel was Margaret Ellen`s father.   Hope you get this message. We need to make contact soon!!   Janet    
janet davis - 12/09/2007

To. Janet David. we are harrisons in Ireland. my fathers family (nathanial harrison)moved to 152 strand road in preston in the early 1900's. there were various cousins in preston nancy, James, John to name a few. the family then returned to Ireland at the start of the war when Nathanial went to India. Our Uncle then returned to strand road for a couple of years to work on the docks wherw he lived with his uncle. perhaps there is some connection with your harrisons as both were based in Strand road. Hopefuly you will pick up this message.Tricia 10/09/2007
Patricia Harrison - 10/09/2007

the harrison
hello Janet, my father's family lived in 192 strand road preston for a couple of years in the early 1900 then moved back to ireland.my grandfather was nathaniel harrison his cousins were thomas, john, agnes and nancy.one of his sons worked in preston for a few years and lived with thomas, he then moved back to ireland. have you come across a nathaniel in your research that might match my grandfather.he was killed in an engineering accident and is buired in persia.
Patricia Harrison - 05/09/2007

hi i think it was the late 60s a submarine visited the dock and was open to the public for a week or so the name of the sub was thesis ithink it was the sub that took part in the operation late in the war to place a body on the french coast carrying false invasion plans the ruse was sucsesful i believe i might be wrong about the name but it was reported in the lanc eve post regards to all peter
peter eckersley - 02/09/2007

dad if your reading this im looking for you its your daughter nicole tht you havnt seen in 16 years. any body no my dad RONNIE KIKRBY hes in his 40s and he was married to my mum in march 1989 joanne carney or my brother JAMES STEWART KIRKBY hes 21 years old he was born in march 1986 if any body no them can you contact me on coley3@hotmail.com or 07768218035 thank you very much for takin your time in reading this message x xx x xx
nicole carney - 26/08/2007

im looking for my dad
hiya im 17 years and im looking for my dad RONNIE KIRKBY he lives in preston, hes around 40 years now he has a son called james stewart kirkby hes 21 and was born in july,my dad was married to my mum in march 1989 just 3months after i was born daddy if you see this im looking for you xxxx nicole xxx
nicole kirkby - 23/08/2007

Captain Andrew Stirling
Does anyone remember my Grandfather, Captain Andrew Stirling, who was pilot and then Harbour Master at preston docks in the 1960's and 70's? I would love to find out more about him and his work. Please email me at suzie.dean@ntlworld.com
Suzie Dean - 02/06/2007

old friends
I would like to contact old friends from Preston Docks circa 1957 - 1973
kenneth baines - 31/05/2007

Well the trees are being cut down now and a fence erected in it's place     Hooray     Anyway there don't appear to be any nesting birds down there owing to an overpopulation of Magpies which in my opinion need thinning out anyway in the interests of the songbird population............Anyway, there are masses of trees down there which any nesting bird can move in without Stamp Duty
David Graham - 02/05/2007

Riversway Festival 2007
This is to let you know the Festival is definitely on this year 15th 16th and 17th of June all the usual attractions.
Ken Hudson - 10/04/2007

Which Granite ?
We have found one of the old granite coping blocks from the docks - It looks like a very white granite - does anyone know where the granite came from used in the construction of the dock ?
Graham Eastham - 31/03/2007

Dock Cranes
I am attempting to model the Old Preston Dock but I am having difficulty in getting information on the types of cranes used at the dock in the 50's and 60's. Can anybody help?. Also is there anybody out there who remembers Robert David Dale ex petty officer who was the dock diver and later in his older life worked on the dock gate?
Mike Stringer - 23/03/2007

Waterfront Pub
hello my name is becky and for my A -level coursework i am studying the New waterfront pub do you have a picture of it as i can only find the Ribble pilot?
becky - 06/03/2007

Port of Preston Harbour Masters Log 1957
For information - you may be interested. Item for sale on e-bay item no: 180088708786 Description: port of preston harbour masters log 1957. It could be something the town would like for museum. (I am not the seller 7 do not know the seller)
Alison - 28/02/2007

Hi anybody know this name or his family? Sometime of Falkland Street Preston (1930s) Maybe a variety artiste. Leave any info on this site and I will get back to you.     Family history enquiry.
Mike - 13/02/2007

Old photos for Retro supplement
Hi everyone,   I'm the new community reporter for the Lancashire Evening Post. I work on the paper and web: www.lep.co.uk.   I'm currently trying to contact as many people as possible to get old picutres of Preston, people, places, events etc. from the 60s - 90s.   The pictures will feature in a brand new supplement called RETRO, which will be published weekly from 14 Feb. Obviously you will be credited for sharing your pics with us.   So please get in touch:   retro@lep.co.uk or josie.hill@lep.co.uk or call 01772 838104.
Josie Hill - 09/02/2007

Preston Sea Cadet Corps History
I have been trying to add more detail into the history of Preston Sea Cadets and also the building which they occupy, I know the building was originally a hospital on Moor Park in world war one and was later given to the Sea Cadets in 1920 when it was taken apart and rebuilt in its current position on strand rd. Can any one help with either pictures or info to fill in gaps between then and now?
PrestonSCC - 22/01/2007

Employee Records
I am researching my family tree and my paternal great-great grandfather Francis Everett was reputedly to be a seaman of Irish extraction born 1839, married in Ormskirk 1862 and died in Preston 1879 leaving a wife and six children.     I have decided to work backwards in an attempt track the movements of the family, as his actual occupation has not verified I was wondering if records of Dockers employed or indeed records of employees of the second Ribble navigation company are public ally accessible?     Also are records of ships crew agreements or muster rolls available as this would save a relatively expensive trip to London or of purchasing the services of a professional archive researcher.
Joe Everett - 03/12/2006

MV Lochee
In early March, 1943, I joined a small vessel - MV Lochee - in Preston docks. She was loading 100 Octane in zinc-lined cardboard boxes! We carried it to the 8th Army in North Africa.   Does anyone there have any memories or knowledge of that period. I am 81 years old so there are'n'tlikely to be many of us about.
David Simpson - 20/11/2006

Lex Van De Meide ( Dutch seaman )
Hi, would anybody happen to know a dutch seaman called Mr Lex Van De Meide who would have been working within the Port of Preston ( possible dutch vessels ) in 1964-1965 period ( not sure if worked on empire Cedric, Gaelic,Doric and Cymric or Geestland or Geesstar or any Dutch vessel, would like to know if these vessels kept list of crews etc and where would best place to retrieve them ( tried records office Preston to no avail ) Lex Van De Meide could possible be 70 years of age now ?? or older / youger ?? if anybody knows of this man or worked with him or even better, still in contact with him could you let me know as it's very important that i find this man sooner rather than later thanks for you time and look forward to a reply !!!
Les Kenny - 16/11/2006

Any Photos or Trade Union Materials/ Recollections from Preston Docks?
Hello there,     We are currently compiling a Trade Union time line of events in the histroy of the Trade Union movement in Preston. Our timeline is very much work in progress but may be accessed at www.prestonworkers.org.uk (click on 'Commemorate' to access the timeline).     We would appreciate it very much if anyone has any recollections of working life on the docks (including the trade unions who were active at the time) and an significant events that took place as regards trade unions (e.g. improvements to working conditions, any industrial action, etc).     We are also trying to obtain any photos/ pictures or trade union related materials from Preston docks.   Hope that you maybe abl eto help, thanks very much     graham
Graham King - 02/11/2006

water quality Preston Docks
To all living in Preston Docks: How much fishing (amateur recreational fishing) goes on in the Docks? Does anyone swim in there? Did the quality of the water influence your decision to live there? Doing some research into water quality in the docks but struggling to find much information. Thanks for your input.
Elizabeth Bennett - 01/11/2006

Someone posted a message about a William Crangle who worked on dredgers at Preston in 1911. Was his father called Francis and his grandparents called Edward and Elizabeth? If so, he is a brother of my great great grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Moxham (nee Crangle). I would love to hear from you - my email address is xphile2868@gmail.com
Stephen - 31/10/2006

Happy Memories
I worked on Pickfords Heavy Haulage, and used to get abnormal loads on & off the Fisher boats From Larne and Belfast to take to nuclear power stations around Britain. We also took the 22foot diameter vessels that help with the making of beer at Whitbreads brewery at Salmsbury. Happy days.
Alan Turner - 21/10/2006

William Crangle
My ancestor William worked in 1911 as a Sailor on the Dredgers in Preston. Does anyone have information regarding the possible names of the dredgers. I think they were named after Aldermen.
Maria - 15/09/2006

thanks Jon..
Anne - 09/09/2006

RE: New to area
Anne, you could try Zest, it's a social and activity club for all ages. You can find more information on their web-site at www.zestuk.co.uk
Jon - 04/09/2006

New to area
Hi, I am moving to the area with work and staying at the Marina - was hoping I could make some new social contacts? is there anyone out there in a similar situation?
Anne - 03/09/2006

Good site! Good information. Keep Alive!
Alesha - 01/07/2006

I hope Trevors friend isnt a Council Information Officer, LOL!
Jane - 23/06/2006

It definitely isnt cancelled its on this weekend 24/06.
Jane - 23/06/2006

In answer to Trevor Davies post, most of we residents love the festival, I don't know anyone who's complained about the noise. It's more likely to be cancelled by the council because of cost. There isn't a festival every year, but as far as I know this year's is still on, it has a website at http://www.prestonriverswayfestival.co.uk/home/. Last year's was bigger because it was part of the Trafalgar 200 celebrations, & tied in with other events around the country.
Olga - 21/06/2006

Hi, does anyone know how i can book a boat trip for a birthday surprise for my girlfriend at the docklands, im not really familiar with the place as i myself am from London. My girlfriends in Preston, and just wanted to give her something she can remember for the rest of her life for her birthday - i thought hire out a boat for a few hours... champagne, a candle lit supper on board... can anyone help please thanks
Ace in london - 21/06/2006

Can any one confirm why the Riversway Festival been cancelled this year. A friend at the council said there were a large number of complaints last year about noise levels at night from residents on Navigation Way and that as a result the council have had no choice but to cancel it. I hope not!
Trevor Davies - 16/06/2006

History of the Docks
Michael, I got a copy of When the Boat Comes In from the Museum of Lancashire, Stanley Street a couple of years ago.
Olga - 17/05/2006

I don't remember detailing my plans to relocate any nests!?! The trees that are hanging over my property are nest free for the moment. And I'm not planning on spending the next 20 years in relative darkness just because someone fancies a walk!
Samantha Jones - 09/05/2006

You can't cut down trees used by nesting birds just so someone can have a barbecue. Those of us who live in this area & regularly enjoy the riverside walk like the trees.
Jo - 07/05/2006

Does anyone know who owns the land which the steam train runs along? I live on Victoria Quay, spent all winter looking forward to my first barbeque in my new home...and now I've found my sunlight is being blocked out by the trees which sit behind my back garden fence. Any advice would be appreciated!
Samantha Jones - 03/05/2006

Searching for John Fairclough born 1854 lived in Schleswig St Preston Master Mariner may have worked at Preston docks any information anybody.
Avril Farnworth - 13/04/2006

hi,I am trying to trace a family member who worked on preston dock around 1960 he is from holland his name is lex vandermena if any body can help would be very grateful!
beckie - 07/04/2006

A friend gave me a book called "The Last Tide - A History of the Port of Preston 1806 - 1981" by Jack Drakes, published by Carnegie Press, ISBN 0948789026. I don't know if its still in print.
Olga - 16/03/2006

History of the Docks `abebooks`
Michael, just checked the abebooks website and there is a book on called `When the boat comes in` - please ignore it - it`s not the right one!! Sorry about that - the book I know about was produced as part of an exhibition which was organised by the Harris Museum and Art Gallery!! The one currently on sale at abebooks I think refers to a tv series!! Maybe the Harris Museum can help you out with this particular book? Cheers, Janet
Janet Davis - 12/03/2006

Harrison family history
Thanks for the reply Olga, I`ve done quite a bit of research about the Harrison`s before they moved to Preston and have plenty of family history info. I just wanted to fill in later history post 1900 when they arrived in Preston and went to work on the Docks etc. Thanks again, Janet
Janet Davis - 12/03/2006

Michael, there is a book called `When the Boat Comes In` - it`s about the working life at the port of preston 1892-1981 - lots of great photos etc. try online at `abebooks.co.uk`. Good Luck Janet
Janet Davis - 12/03/2006

history of the docks
hi my father worked on the docks for 20 years during the sixties and seventies.myself and my brother and sister were born and reared in preston..for his 70th birthday i am trying to get a book of the history of the docks..a friend of his told him there was such a book last year when himself and my mother were visiting preston..but after searching around various book stores in preston he could'nt get one.can you help..heres hoping and awaiting your reply.
michael mclaughlin - 10/03/2006

Re: The Harrisons
Hi Janet, have you tried searching the 1901 census online? It's athttp://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/census/
Olga - 09/03/2006

The Harrisons
Hi, am researching my husband`s family, the Harrison`s. In particular James Robert Harrison. He worked in and around Preston Docks early 1900`s. He lived in Strand Road at the time. According to local directories he was a `ship`s engineer`, also `shipwright`.His youngest son was John Harrison who I believe also worked on the docks - would love to find out more if anyone can help. Thanks.
Janet Davis - 05/03/2006

Hi Norman , i do remember back in the late 70s i think 3 submarines visited the docks and by the look of it yes it is Preston Docks , i think they are moored on the north side near to where Carpet world / Pets at Home are now , with the warehouses on the far side in the picture .
Chris Freeman - 05/01/2006

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